Social Club Misfits


This year we're introducing Blacksheep of the Month! It's where we highlight and illustrate individuals who show the qualities of what our definition of a blacksheep is. People who counter the culture, aren't afraid to be peculiar and use their platform to be a light in the middle of darkness. We're kicking off this year with Social Club Misfits.

Since joining forces in 2011, they have been a voice for the misfit. Their content encourages you to be the best you God made you to be while never dumbing down how important Christ's role plays in that self identity. We had the chance to meet them personally on the Tempo Tour last year and they were some of the most humble people you could ever meet.

They genuinely cared for their fans and treated us all like family members just playing catch up. They also took the time to give words of encouragement in the middle of their set. Things that are rare at a rap concert. If you don't know who these amazing artist are, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Blacksheep Collective